01.15.11 Phase II -Re-Laying cork, track & building two access panels

Well here it is, Phase II.
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  • Gary Barnett
    Gary Barnett Yes. Are your switches hand thrown or do you have a control panel?
    January 16, 2011
    MONSTERRAILROAD aka Al Mayo I have four control panels in the areas that there is automatic switching. So for example there are 5 in the 4x8 section of main st. So I have a control panel that has the track plan on it with red and black momentary push buttons to control each turnou...  more
    January 16, 2011
  • Marvin Butler
    Marvin Butler I like the PECO for the locking feature that they have on them. Once it is thrown it is thrown until you switch it the other way. I use Insulfrogs which are great. I accidentaly grab an Electrofrog and had a heck of time with it until I realize it was ...  more
    January 17, 2011
  • George Swalagin
    George Swalagin Al you don't want to use flux on track. Flux has a acid core to be used on copper plumming pipes. If you use it on track the acid combined with an electricl current will corrode the joint. In time it will be worthless. Use electrical solder with a rosin c...  more
    January 17, 2011