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CN hits speedswing

Posted by Paul Bellemore
CN rail hits speedswing in Doncaster, Ont
Posted February 20, 2011 - # 
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  • Rick Phipps
    Rick Phipps What they aren't showing you is the engineer dragging him across that parking lot. LOL
    February 20, 2011
  • RiversideBNSF  (Shawn)
    RiversideBNSF (Shawn) Haaa, no kiddin...I wish there was sound so we could hear the CN horn blasting prior to the collision.
    February 20, 2011
  • Paul  Bellemore
    Paul Bellemore well being a former CN employee those speedswings are really noisy machines , the operator probably did not hear the train till it was to late!
    he should not have been close to the tracks at all without proper protection
    rule 42 or t.o.p (train order pro...  more
    February 20, 2011
  • RiversideBNSF  (Shawn)
    RiversideBNSF (Shawn) Yep,,,I totally agree..Someone dropped the ball on that one.
    February 20, 2011