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Add Interest to your Model Railroad Station Scene with Platform Vehicles
by V. S. Roseman
Photos by the author unless otherwise indicated

A Red Cap helps out with a three-wheeled electric tractor on the point of a train of two Kibri wagons equipped with pneumatic tires. In the background a loaded Walthers Santa Fe express car awaits departure time. Platform tractors could be seen in almost any color, sometimes being in the colors of the railroad or those of the union station where more than one railroad was involved, and sometimes the tractors came in the manufacturers standard colors, such as orange or yellow.


rom the inception of passenger trains, people on long trips traveled with large trunks holding their clothing and personal possessions. Sales people made up a large proportion of the traveling public, and they usually had cases of samples as well as their own trunks of clothing and necessities for long trips selling from town to town. A circuit of their sales territory could take a month or more to traverse.

Three Types of Head End Traffic on Passenger Trains
Checked Baggage Even before the turn of the 20th century, people traveling with large trunks and suitcases made it necessary for the railroads to provide for the checking of baggage. Clearly, there was no way to stow large trunks and suitcases in the space provided in passenger coaches and

Four-wheeled baggage wagon in use today for VIA at Toronto and other points at which checked baggage is handled.



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