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June 1986 - Page 2

The Pikestuff Distribution Center


HO Scale

Here's our newest structure in HO Scale, the Distribution Center. It measures 70' across the front, 40' deep (combine two or three for a great looking industrial plant!) and

able extra to further individualize your building. You can also elevate 'em by making a first noor of our concrete block wall sections and using the kit walls above them. Join the fun! Get that industry going on your pike today!

PO Box 6406 Evansville. Indiana

25' high at

the roof peak. It comes with all doors and win dows shown. plus more. The truck loading bay was made with bits of balsa scrap for the walls. painted gray to simulate concrete. We've also got lots of different doors and windows avail-


Highway Guardrail


HO Scale Distribution Center

kits now available in 3-Paks and 6-Paks at a real savings! See your dealer.


HO pennsy 60' Boxcars in HO Scale!
I n 1947 the Pennsylvania's Altoona Shops created two new classes of boxcar, both 60' in length. Ten (36987-36996) had double doors, were designated X40, and were used in Automobile Service. One hundred (36997-37096) were built with a single door, given a smashing red and silver paint job; outfitted with special racks, shelving and other load-securing devices and used in less-than-carload-Iot (I.c.i.) service. Late in the fifties some of these were transferred to auto parts service and others simply became big long boxcars as I.c.l. service waned. The Oriental Limited models are made by Sung Jin, and should be here by the time you read this.

Shown: pilot model of XW

Oriental Limited
4001 N. SI. Joseph Avenue Evansville, Indiana I 47712

Excellence in b?-ass



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