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March 2006 - Page 37

BNSF Crew Cab Ford Boom Truck used for bridge repairs and other heavy lifting jobs on the right-of-way.

Kershaw 130Ton Re-Rail crane used for re-railing cars, locomotives and traction motor change outs.

Ford LN8000 used for dropping off and picking up rail. And suppling materials to track gangs along the right-of-way.

Ford LN8000 Tie Truck, used for picking up or dropping off ties along the right-of-way.

Ford LN8000 Dump Truck and Back Hoe, used for different jobs, from cleaning out ditches to replacing RR crossings. Also used for hauling ballast or rip rap.

Basically the same as the truck in the upper right-hand corner. Painted white, was the last paint scheme before the BNSF merger.

MARCH 2006


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