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b ut only 42 remained in service in October, 1976. The largest remaining group is in series 191000-192174 with 827 cars re ported in service as of October, 1976. Rather than tuscan red, it would appear these cars were painted with something closer to box car red, although weather ing might put the appearance in the tuscan red area.
Tom Cobb, SP Freight Car Editor


D o you have any information on the through coast-to-coast sleepers that ran NY-LA on the Super Chief? Official guides show 4-4-2s via PRR and NYC; and also a 10-6 via NYC. Do you know whose cars? (ATSF, PRR, or NYC?) Color schemes? Names?
R ev. Herman Page


The Super Chief began carrying coast-to-coast sleepers in January, 1954. At this time, it picked up four coast-to coast Pullman route from the Chief: a 1 010-6 and a 4-4-2 from New York City over the NYC (20th Century Limited both ways); a 4-4-2 from New York City over the Pennsy (Broadway Limited both ways) ; and a 10-6 from Washington, D.C. over the B&O (Capitol Limited eastbound and Shenandoah westbound). The Wash ington car operated through to San Diego on the San Diegan, making it the longest Pullman route in existance at the time (3,119 miles). The San Diegan portion of the through Washington car was discontinued in Janu ary, 1955; and the line then terminated in Los Angeles. The 4-4-2 over the Pennsy was discontinued in October, 1957. When the Super Chief was consolidated with the El Capitan in January, 1958, the 1 0-6s over the NYC and B&O were discontinued, leaving only the 4-4-2 over the NYC to operate in the combined Super Chief / El Capitan. But this route was to be dis-

reference. Matching model paint to prototype paint colors is a problem as the subjects are viewed under different types of lighting conditions. The model should be painted so that it l ooks l ike a good color match with the prototype under the light it will be viewed with and this color will probably be different from the proto type color. Weathering of prototype paint can vary the apparant color of vari ous units painted at different times with the same paint scheme. The Rock Island has had many differ Dennis Kogan, ATSF Passenger Car Ed ent variations of paint schemes applied to Q UESTION diesels. There is no way of knowing ex actly what paint scheme appeared on units I w ould like to paint up an Athearn pooled with the Erie-Lackawanna with GE U-28-B in the Rock Island paint out slides or photographs of the units in scheme of the late 1960s and early 1970s, this service. especially units that were pull-powered Cyril Durrenberger, Contribu ting Editor with the Erie-Lackawanna. Going back to the June, 1967, issue of C lassified RMC there is an article by Jim Boyd en Advertising titled GE's "U-Boat Fleet" with black and white photographs of the Rock Island C LASS I F I E ADV E R T I S I NG i s the U-Boats (U-25 and U-28) in the maroon convenienceDof subscribers and carried forthat i n c l u des color paint scheme. But since these are in material of i n terest to prototype mode l e r and black and white they don't help me too fans. Cost of t h i s service i s 1 0c per word with the name and address free. Description of the much. ipment offered be si ncere From all the information I have been m aterials o r lequ must gau rantee mustrefund the and the sel er to able to obtain, the units in question were p u rchase price (but not s h i p p i n g charges) if the most likely painted in the maroon color material i s not as advertised and i s returned to so I was wondering what would be a close h i m with i n 30 days and in the same condition match with Floquil paint. I also have the as received (except a n y s h i p p i ng damage) and prepaid. Prototype Modeler, I nc . , assumes n o Micro-Scale decal sheet RH-18. respo n s i b i l ity, either expressed o r i m p l ied, i n I would like to know the color of the transactions other than to use its offices i n an car body and also if the underframe and effot to bring about a reaso n a b l e settlement in trucks are the same color as the car body. any d isputes a r i s i n g from transactions resu l t i ng
Ralph Fredenberg
from c l assified advertisments here i n . C l assified Advert i s i n g i s not open to commercial accounts.

continued in April, 1958, thus bringing to a close the short period of through coast-to-coast sleeping car service on the Super Chief. The Santa Fe, being very sensitive about the appearance of its premier train, the Super Chief, preferred to operate its own cars in this through-car service. "Regal" series 4-4-2s and "Pine" series 10-6s were used. And only v-e-r-y rarely would an eastern road sleeper show up in this assign ment to break the stainless steel continuum of the sacrosanct "Super."


WAN T E D : A lco Model s R S - 1 , Lambert stream

The Rock Island maroon paint scheme referenced in the June, 1967, Railroad Model Craftsman article on GE U-Boats can be matched using Floquil Diesel Ma roon. It appears that the frame and under body were painted to match the loco motive body. I suggest that you obtain a color slide of one of these units to use for

l i ne ATSF s l eepers. State condition and price in fi rst letter. A l s o want ATSF annual passes and reports. Steve K e l l og, 424% F ran k Street, Toledo, OH 43609 .

F O R SA L E : W estern Steam, G N , N P , WP, UP, S P , a n d others. A l l brass. GN E m p i re B u i lder cars. $30. each . Bob Moore, 1 204 West 38th Street, A u s t i n , TX 78705. F O R SA L E : C u stom Painted Tenshodo "3460" class 20 ,000 gal . ATSF o i l tender N o . 3464, $38.00; Key L i m ited 20,000 ga l . ATSF o i l t e n d e r $34.00; H a l l m a r k "5000" c l ass o i l tender $34.00. All tenders are in m i n t condition new. Postage and insu rance i n c l u ded . B a n k check or Postal Money Order o n l y to : Harold T. O ' Dette, 84 Summer Avenue, Stoughton, MA 02072. S ANTA FE B RASS LOCOS 2 - 1 04, 4-84, Hudson, Aleo 600B, many others. Reasonable best offer for 3 1 60, 4000 class 2-8-2. Fred Kusserow, 2828 North Cramer Street, M ilwau kee, WI 532 1 1 .

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N\ O\l \ N G ?

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I t costs us about $ 1 .35 e very t ime a magaz i n e is returned w ith no forwa rd i n g address. P l ease te l l us when you a re m ovi ng, at l east 6 w eeks i n a dvance.

A ddress

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M a i l it to:

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F O R SA L E : P F M U n i ted Santa F e 2-8-0, f i n e c o n d i t i o n , TRO, o r i g i na l box, painted, jeweled, one brake shoe m i ss i n g , $ 1 00 . Ray l,. . B ryant, 2935 Corne l l Avenue, I owa City, I A 52240. B OOKS WAN T E D : " Motive Power of the U n ion
Pacific," and " U n i o n Pacific E q u i pment;" other U P and ATSF books. Jim H i l l , 322 East Col l ege Avenue, Appleton, W I 5491 1 .



Post Office B ox 3 43 D anvers, MA 0 1 923

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I L L I NO IS C E N T R A L models at the ' 77 West Coast Convention were -most i n terest i n g . Wou ld
l i ke to contact b u i lder. Please write IC Editor, P rototype Modeler, Post Office Box 343, Dan vers, M A 0 1 9 2 3 .

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