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herald ; 30' steel cupola type - on side with cupola to left of center, left end vertically number in white, herald Red/Black/White, aligned with left edge of window on left both placed as with the C3 paint scheme. end of side, with mirror-image arrange No slogan. Car number in white above ment on opposite side; 3 1 ' steel cupola end doors on most cars. Dates applied: type - on side with cupola just to left of unknown, but in late 1960s. Cabooses center, left end aligned with right edge of delivered in this scheme : none. Others re small window to left of cupola, and on ceiving scheme: scattered cars in 1000, side with cupola just to right of center, 1 100, 1200, 1300, 1600, and 1700 series, centered between and below two large as repainted during the period. windows on either side of cupola. Initials 'NP' and car number in stylized gothic C5: Carbody and cupola BN green; roof located as follows: 24' wood cupola types silver; body ends, end platforms, railings, - centered over truck on left end of each side curved handrails all yellow; black side, with initials centered over number; underbody and trucks. On right end of 30' steel cupola type - on one line, cen each side, the yellow is carried around tered over truck at right end of side; 3 1 ' from the car end to the side to form a 600 steel cupola type - o n one line, centered wedge with the sharp comer at the top over truck on left end of side. Car num comer of the side. This is bounded on ber in stylized gothic over end doors. the right sloped edge by a 6" green stripe Dates applied: May 1951 - late 1960s. then a 6" yellow stripe before giving way Cabooses delivered in this paint scheme: .to the remainder of the green side. The possibly the last 30' steel cupola type curved handrail on this yellow comer is a cars, Nos. 1 000-1049; 3 1 ' steel cupola contrasting BN green color. Red/Black/ type, Nos. 1 100-?, International Car Co. White herald with "Northern Pacific (?), unknown date. Others receiving this Railway" inscribed,centered below cupola. paint scheme: all older surviving cabooses Car initials 'NP' and number in modem in 1000, 1200, 1 300, 1600, and 1700 gothic style at left end of car side, inside series. Variations: most 24' wood cupola curve of curved hand rails, in white. ACI types and some 30' and 3 1 ' steel cupola label placed just to the front (on long end types that were radio equipped had such side) of cupola, centered vertically with a legend with two lightning bolts located the bottom edge of the cupola extended above the initials and number; some cars side. Scotchlite patch of alternating 3" had platform steps and part of the end red and white 600 diagonal stripes, 2' hand rails painted yellow; sometime in wide, placed on roof end facia panel, below the mid or late 1960s, the practice of end of running board. Small herald on painting the roof black was apparently black non-functioning protective "end dropped in favor of an all-box car red gate" at center of end railings. Dates applied: 1969(?). Cabooses delivered in carbody. scheme: 31' wide vision cupola types, C4 : E ntire car box car red, except yellow Nos. 10400-?, International Car Co (?), platform steps, side curved handrails, unknown build date. Others receiving outer end platform hand rails. Initial and scheme: none.

D uring the C4 scheme era, the NP undertook a renum bering program in preparation for the BN merger. The 30' steel 1000s became low 1 0900s, the 3 1 ' steel 1 100s became 10300s. The various 24' wood types went into the 10800s and 10900s, and the 10400 3 1 ' wide vision types were de livered with the new numbers. Sometime in the mid-1960s, the NP changed their herald by adding "Railway" to the inscrib ed road name. Most cabooses had the new herald (as described in the C5 scheme) by 1970. Finally, the 1000s/1 0900s and 1 100s/10300s also had heralds on their platform railing sheet metal end gates; the gates were brown on the former and black on the latter. If you're looking for decals to match up to these various schemes, the Champ set No. HC-243 (HO) /CN-243 ( 0) is far and away the best. It has the appro priate material to do the C2 and C3 schemes, and the herald supplied is of the "Northern Pacific" variety. For the later "Northern Pacific Railway" herald, you'll have to tum to the decals supplied with the Ambroid kit. With the later herald, you can do the C4 . scheme. The C1 scheme can be done using the Champ set plus materials from Champ's railroad roman alphabet set No. LW-3 (1/8" white) or private road name word "Caboose. " The C 5 scheme requires the Ambroid kit's herald, smaller heralds (available in Champ set No. EH-70 and BRH-7 diesels, or Micro-Scale set No. RH-46 NP diesel), and a small gothic alphabet set for the initials and number. It's quite possible that Walthers also has the later herald in some of their NP sets; unfortunately, I haven't explored their line. Roster data
A f ew additional notes:
was supplied by Dick Buike.

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for any inconvenienced caused by this error.

Harry Graham raised a question about my review of the Ambroid ATSF Caboose kit in the November/December, 1976, issue of S outhwestern Prototype Modeler, concerning the air brake equipment. I re checked my information on this and dis covered that the drawings of the air brake equipment is incorrect in one detail. In both Figures 1 and 2 the brake cylinder is reversed ; it should be shown with the tapered (operating rod) end pointing to ward the rear (cupola) end of the car rather than the front. Anyone making the changes outlined in that review should note this change for their model. Sorry

R . H. Hendrickson, Contribu ting Editor

Is there a CB&Q prototype for the Athearn bay-window caboose?
Tom Krul


N o! The only "Q" waycar with a bay window was No. 14700 (BN 1 1274) built by putting regular windows and a bay window into an old XM-25 box car (see page 2 of Burlington Bulletin No. 5). The

"Q" had no waycars numbered 13520 closest would be the 13525 on up series. See the 1 973 BN Annual, pages 20 through 37, for full coverage of BN cabooses. If you decide to use the Athearn model, even though it is not prototypical, it should be painted to match "Q" practice, which is the same as Athearn did correctly on their extended vision cupola caboose which is silver including side grabs and end rails and ladders black. Anything beyond that would be pure conjecture since the "Q" never owned this style caboose.
Gerald Edgar, CB&Q Editor


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