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The Sierra 's most famous pair ofpassenger cars; a 40-foot baggage-coach and a 40-foot coach are now stored under roof Both are used for frequent movie and TV roles. They 're the shortest cars used in regular prototype passenger service. The Sierra used them on the now-abandoned Angels branch as a daily "train " behind a few freight cars. The Sierra used this combination baggage-coach caboose at the tail end of many of their freight trains in place of a conventional caboose. LaBelle 's combine could be converted into an HO scale model of the car.

a long wi th the freigh t station and passenger station. The turntable at Jamestown was origin ally a woode n Gallows frame unit but i t was replaced with a deeper pit and a l onger steel turntable some time after 1 9 1 6 . The roundhouse was enlarged from its original four stalls to its present six stalls about the same time . There was also a G allows frame turntable at Tuolumne and another at Angels. A corrugated iron two-stall engine house now services and s tores the three diesels at Oakdale. The p assengers used the Oakdale S anta Fe wooden statio n . S everal sawmills occupied the upper reaches of the railroad along with the interchange cranes and platforms to transfer the lumb er to the S ierra's cars. There was little freight in terchange with the narrow guage West Side Lumb er Company Railroad since the three-foot gauge line was used primarily for hauling in uncu t logs. The low rolling h ills with their peppering of oaks and p ines and the rock cuts would ma k e scenery-mo deling easy and effective. Most of the bridges were wooden trestles of the type o ffe red in HO scale by Camp bell and in N scale by Cal S cale. A steel deck truss brige was

u sed, with trestles on each end, to carry the branchline across the S tanislaus River to Angels . Photos of ma ny of the line's locomo tives and s tructures appear in the $ 6 .00 book SI ERRA RAI LROAD available through your dealer or by ma il from Howell-North., 1 0 5 0 Parker S t . , Dept . M R , Berkeley, Calif. 947 1 0. Kratvil le Publications, 5 2 5 Farnam Blvd. , Room MR, Omaha, N ebraska, 6 8 1 0 2 , has an ill ustrated $ 1 4 . 5 0 book RAI LS TO THE MOTHE R LODE that devotes a portion of its pages to the S ie ra along with photos and informa tion on the West Side, Pickering, and Hetch Hetchy lines that fed the railroad. H a l l m ark Models HO brass ready-to-run VO-1 000 Baldwin switcher is a reasonably close replica of the VS-1 2 machines that the S ierra is now using. Some of the better hobby dalers may still have one or two of the Hallmark engines in stock . We can't think o f a better ful l -size short line to recommend as a prototype for a model railroad.

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