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PPM's Baldwin (Long Bell RR No. 1 05) is nearly identical to the Sierra 's number 3 0 which was also built by Baldwin. The PPM engines are sold ready-to-run and most ar HO scale, made in Japan from brass.

for the hopefully soon day when the line will be used as a steam-powered tourist line like the East Broadtop, Edaville, and th e Strasburg railroads of the east. There is only enough b usiness, in 1 97 1 , to keep one of th e d iesels in operation pulling the once-a-day freigh t up from Oakdale in the morning and back from Tuolumne that afternoon. The S ierra owned at least one example of all of the popular small steam locomotive wheel arrangements ; two 0-6-0's, four 4-4-0's, the famous No. 3 4-6-0 , a 2-6-0, five 2 -8-0's, two 2 -6-2's, two 2-8-2's, and a fin al 2-6-6-2 articulated . I f this variety is not enough the S ierra h ad a Heisler-pattern and three S h ay-style geared logging type locomotives. PFM o ffers an exac t duplicate of t h e 2-6-6-2 a n d reasonably close models of a 4-4-0, 0-6-0 , 2 -6-2 , and a p air of 2-8-0's that could easily be modified to match the S ierra's engines numbered 4 ,6 , 7 ; 2 ; 3 0 ,3 2 ; and 24. PFM also offered reasonably sim ilar models of a Heisler, a twootruck , and a th ree-truck S hay that could serve as ready-to-run replicas o f S ierra engines in HO scal e . NorthWest S hort Line h as an HO scale ready-to-run b rass 2 -8-2 that is very similar to the S ierra's number 3 4 . Tyco h as a plastic kit and ready-to-run model o f the Sierra's movie star steamer; the numb e r thre 4-6-0 that is fine for HO scale track. Unfortunately , the mo del is a good 20 percent ove rsize in virtually every dime nsion except track gauge. It is, however, a close copy of the style and proportions of

numb er 3. N and HO scale mo delers will h ave to settle for scratchbuilding their Sierra engines or simp ly numb ering and lettering similar wheel arrangeme nt locomotives to ma tch S ierra power. The rolling stock and structures of the Sierra are as in terestin g , to the modeler, as th e line's locomo tives. All of the railroad's passenger equipme nt was of the older wo oden type with open platforms . Seve ral coaches and a three-door b aggage-mail car; all of about 6 0-feet in length , were known to operate under the Sierra name . The most unusual cars were a baggage-coach and a c oach that were only about 4 0-feet l o ng. MDC has plastic kits of a pair of cars that are simil ar ( al though not identical) to the Sierra "shorties" and S elley has the combine in c ast me tal for you HO scale modelers. Northeastern , Westwo od, or LaBelle HO scale kits c an be converted to e xact replicas o f almost a n y of the Sie rra's wo oden passenger equipment. A numb er of b o th wo od and steel Southern Pacific passenger cars were also o perated oer the l in e . The railroad used at least one comb ination caboose baggage-coach car instead of a standard c aboose. The current cab ooses are also wood but their sides have been sheathed in steel to e ase maintenance. The structures o n the S ierra are fascinating e xamples of railroad architectu re with many of the buildin gs h aving unusual Chinese -style upturned roof e aves. M ost of th e buildings h ave been burned or razed over the years but the entire roundh ouse and shop facility, dating to about 1 9 07 , still stands at Jamestown

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