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horsepower model S-1 2 diesels ( co nsidered only as i n spite of the h ighest and latest rrumb e r p late being 44. Twenty-two of these were steamers p urchased over switchers by most railroads) supplanted regularly scheduled steam operations in 1 9 5 5 . A third and the railroad's p eak operating years prior to 1 930. One of the railroad's original locomo tives; n umber nearly identical Baldwin was purchased in 1 96 6 three 4-6-0 , is still in operati ng condition and is, when the steam locomotives still in the Jamestown in fact, the star of mo st o f the mo vies and the roundhouse were earmarked exclusively for movie Petticoat Junction TV series. A twenty-mile branch or fan trip service. There are still five of the line was built by 1 9 03 to reach th e m ines near th e original S ierra steamers sitting inside waiting town of Angels. The Pickering Lumber Company Railroad connected with the Sierra at Ralph and the famed West S id L umber Company Railroad interchanged loads of lumber and logs at Tuolumne. Many of the tourists that visited Yosemite National Park Uust north of the S ierra) prior to the completion of the Yosemite Valley Railroad in 1 9 07 ( and, later, the influx of better roads and cars) traveled over the Sierra on the line's six daily p assenger trains. The passenger service dwindled to' one mainline train a day and a one or two car service to Angels until 1 9 3 8 when all regularly scheduled p assenger service was dropped. Like so m any gold-hauling railroads, the Sierra's heyday peaked just before depression years when the price of gold dropped along with the bulk of the readily accessable ore deposits. The railroad p urchased i ts last steam locomotive ; a relatively giant 2-6-6-2 articulated, from the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Company in 1 9 5 2 as A pair of water columns once served the thirsty a final effort to continu e operations as a tenders of the Sierra 's steam locomo tives on steam-powered hauler. A pair of Baldwin 1 200 their way out of the roundhouse or as they waited to couple back onto the day 's passenger train for its trip to the outside world.

The Sierra 's rails into its main terminal at Jamestown branch here with the freight and passenger stations dead ahead and the roundhouse just to their right. The track to the right leads to the freight yard and on to the end of the line at Tuolumne. The metal-covered shed is the sandhouse. Most of the buildings date from the 1 900 'so

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