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11Ie town of Ortiz (also shown on our cover) and its "cab" control panel for the remote control track switches and electrical power supply to each electrically isolated section of the track . . Keith Miskern built most of the finely detailed town structures from wood and cardboard.

Keith Miskern combined Train Miniatures handcar houses and a Tyco freight station to form the "Bent Machinery Co., " similar to the other buildings shown in the "Kit Kombine" chapter of this issue. A n ew roof, two types of yard fencing, signs, and details give it life.

m aintenance to keep things operating smo othly and the me mbers are continually finding a "better" route for parts of the trackage so that the club 's layout, like most model railroads, is never really considered c omp lete. In the sense that the layout has every eleme n t we c onsider the best for a large home or club mo del railroad the Thunderbird Club's Phoenix , T urnbow and A pache Railroad is c omp lete indeed.
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Many of the club's delightful wood trestles were built by Bob McClelland. Both of these deSigns can be found on full-size railroads. Campbell makes HO scale kits for trestles that could be modified to ma tch these two. Cal Scale has one in N scale.

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