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DynaModel's station and Revell water tank have been "boarded up " and weathered by Ralph Pearson to simulate an abandoned townsite. Most of the structures are set into the plaster base so they seem to "belong" on their foundations. Dyed sawdust and commercial "grass " covers ground.

code 1 00 n ic kel silver rail on individual wood ties to HO scale and track gauge. A length y branch line has its rail l aid to a scale three-foot spacing ( HOn3 gauge) to match the real railroads that ran in the Colorado and Pennsylvania mountains. The line is completely sceniced with dozens of bridges scratchbuilt by the members . The track plan is b asically " point-to point;" running from one engine and car yard through a half dozen towns and sidings to another without p assing over the same rail twice. In the process the track winds around the walls and layout benches from one side of the access aisle's entranceway to the opposite side. There are turntables at each end of th e run and a third at the terminal of the HOn3 branchline . The electrical wizards of the group, led by Ed Smedley, wired the railroad with electrical gaps in the track and special p ower supp ly wires so that each town and terminal has its own control panel ( called "Cab control") allowing the "engineers" to s tay c lose to their trains while they operate . On-off switches on each p anel and track "block" are flipped on by the e ngineer so his train can travel over the mainline and sidings he selects. He turns the switches off behin d the passing train so the track will be ready for the next engineer's traii1 . A large master control

L imestone or shale-style rock outcroppings show on this hillside along with four different types of bridges over the plastic resin "stream " The bridges were b uilt from stripwood. The mine is a Timberline kit.

panel above one c orner of the lay out has additional on-off switches for the mainline so the through freight and passenger express trains can be operated from that elevated " tower." The years and years of operation on the layout require a fairly rigid degree of

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