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Small details lend much to the realism of this railroad. The wood retaining wall keeps the rock from damming the stream and flooding the track. The club was host to the 1 9 71 National Model Railroad Association 's Pacific Coast Region convention.

b est club layouts we've ever seen. The around-the-wall table concept keeps the viewe r's eyes from seeing the entire railroad in one p iece - you must follow the minia ture landscape and the trains around the oom mu ch like you would if all were lifesize. The trains really do seem to travel from one town to another rather than around and around a gian t table . If a train starts in a town on one wall it usually travels at least to an adjoining wall , if not halfway around the room or to th e b ackside of a partition. The engineers that operate the trains have a choice of operating positions for most runs ; they can run the layout from a heaven-like perch some six fee t above the layout wh ere they watch their trains travel the en tire l ength of the trackage with out mo re than a move of their head. Those wh 0 o perate the trains that du plicate the switch ing and car h andling mo ves of the real thing c an operate the locomo tive's controls from p anels located b eside the track so that they are never more than a few feet from their locomo tives and c ars. Electrical

Timberline brand water tower occupies one of the sections of the HOn3 narro w gauge branchline. The pine trees are Kibribrand plastic kits. Local weeds form the trunks of many of the trees with ground foam rubber for leaves. The bushes are Campbell 's Lichen moss.

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