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early nineteen fifties but each section of the benchwork was built as its own entity. When the c lub h ad to move in 19 6 , 8 they simply unbolted the various "modules;" carted them out the door onto waiting trucks and trailers, and over to their new club site. A few new "modules" h ad to be built to match the layout to the new space but the member's eighteen y ears of work was saved in its entirety a nd encorporated into th e new layout. 'A much smaller example of the "module" construction concept is shown in this issue's chap ter on "Styrofoam For A Starter. " This layout is only 1 x 4-feet in N scale ( 2 x 4-feet in HO scale.) It can be operated as a complete model railroad, added to a ready-to-run oval lay out as a switch ing area, or it can serve as one of a d ozen or more "modules" that will make up a complete model railroad empire as large as the Thunderbird Club's. If you can settle for the relatively limited operation that a single "module" offers , building only one " module" at a time and learning from your previous mistakes, y our first model railroad

layout can become p art of y our final "module" system. These p articular track p lans were en gineered for use with Trix and Rapido brands o f s ectional N scale track b ut nearly identical layouts could be assembled in HO or 0 s cale. The 7 5ri Trix Catalog illustrates ten additional track plans. Your dealer should h ave it or y ou can order by mail from American Tortois e , Inc., Farmingdale, N .Y. 1173 5. Rapido has a $ 4.9 5 track p lanning manual that fully illustrates all of their track and components. Order fro m your dealer or Charles C. Merzbach Co., I nc . , 200 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 1 0010. Atlas, too, h as a fine book o n track plans for use with their N scale truck and anoth er for use with their HO scale track ; both wr itten by expert, John Armstro ng, and available through your local hobby dealer.

1 1 . This coal mining and industrial center railroad can serve as one of the individual "modules" ofa giant model railroad system. "Modular" contruction allows you to move or expand your railroad without tearing it down to start over. "Modules " simply bolt together; wires plug in.


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