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can really a p preciate your efforts?) or sim ply oggle t h e best that others have built by attending one of the National Model Railroad Association's regional or national conventions. Your $ 5 .00 membership in t h e N . M . R . A . , Box 1 3 2 8 , Station C, Cant o n , Ohio 44708 will bring you news of t h e national conventions and where to loca te the members and officials of the region you live i n . Your memb ership a lso brings you t h e t welve issues of t h e associatio n's mont hly B ulle tin ( o ne of the better mo deling magazines), a bi annua l guide to all of the members a nd member clubs in the world, a n d the cha n ce t o obtain the full set o f N . M . R. A . modeling standards comprehensive " Data Sheets" on all asp ects of the hobby . The association's a n n ua l conventions bring hundreds of model railroad ers together at a d iffer ent city each fall (the 1 9 7 1 "national" was held this August in London, Eng land ). . The 1 9 72 natio nal cQnvention is scheduled for Sea t t l e , Washington. Since few of t h e m e mbers could attend the "national" t his year ma ny opted for a trip to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, last April for the Pacific Coast Regio n's a nnual conventio n. The PCR has consistently held one of t h e l argest a nd best-at tended convent ions i n the country , wi th nearly half of the a tt endance fro m other regions all a cross the country, and 1 9 7 1 's was the b iggest a nd best ever. Most of the r egional conventions are patt erned a fter the "national" with clinics on m o del building and opera t io n , mo del m a nufact urer's displays, t o ur s of the l ayout s in the area, trips to the real railroa ds' fa cilities, a nd a contest for the best models the members have b uil t . The mod els on these pages were w in ners in t heir respective categories at the PCR's Phoenix contest.

2 . Gordon Cannon won the "Diesel and Other . . . Locomo tive " class with this scra tchbuilt On2 model of an industrial gasoline-engined switcher.

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