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Bachmann,'s N scale "Construction Set # 1 " includes these three pieces of earthmoving equipment that would be appropria te for most "open pit" min ing layouts. A ll of the trackside mining equipment is pa tterned after real P&H-brand earthmo ving giants seen in the "open pit" copper mines of Ray ancf Morenci, Arizona. A HM and Viking brand HO scale earthmo ving "Mini Mo vers" plastic models were reworked by Jim Shiff.

s hops with cabs and booms from P l a s truct-bran d plastic sheet a nd sha pes. M r. Shiff plans on b uilding a complete mining railroad in sections, or "modules"; the second " module" will feature a smelter opera tion, and the third an ore-loading site beside an ocean dock. It's a good way to pack plenty of real railroad operating a ction in a minimu m a mount of space.

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