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This "P&H 40 Ton Electric Po wer Sho vel" was modified from the AHM "Universal Clamshell Crawler" with Viking HO scale caterpillar parts. The cab and side railings were cut from Plastruct-brand plastic sheet.

t he ore, a 40 ton " E lectric Power Shovel," a nd a 20 ton " Electric Power Shovel." The caterpillar treads fro m t h e A HM -bran d H O scale No. U-3 1 2 " Universal Clamshell Crawler" were used for all four of t hese rigs with t he A H M ca b and boom mod ified to closely match t he features of t he full-siz e P&H eart h moving eq uipme nt . The Viking brand of H O sca le earth moving equipment provided booms and cab parts for so me of the equip ment a nd S&S-brand HO scale castings were used for some of the d eta ils on the cranes. A modeler in HO scale cou ld build similar equip ment using t he treads and parts from some of t he 1 /7 6 and 1 /4 8 scale military tank plastic kits carried by the larger hobby


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