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Walthers makes these "Color L ight" signals (far left and righ t) in HO scale. Cen ter signals can be used trackside as '''Dwar fs'' or mounted on signal bridges. Prices range between $.75 and $2.50.



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e l e c t r i c a l problems and concise a n s w e rs . John Armstrong's A L L A B O UT SIGNALS, a t $ 1 . 5 0 , explains the operation and use of the signal and automatic control systems on the real railroads. The instructions furnished with Campbell Scale Models' "Signal M o n i t o r " control box ( $ 1 2 .9 5 ), Walthers' " Versatile Signaling Kits ( $ 5 .9 5 ), Tru-Scale's "Automatic Tru Train Control" ( $4.90), the Tri-Delt " A uto matic Train Control" unit ( $2 4 .9 5 ) show how these firms' circuit contro l boxes can be used for auto rna ted train and trackside or control panel signal light control. All are avail able through hobby dealers or by mail from Wm. K . Walthers, Inc., P.O. Box 662 6 , Milwaukee, Wisc. 5 3 2 I 6 (the Tri-Delt, only, is available from Tri Delt Sophisticated Electronics, B o x 203 I I , S a n Diego , Calif. 92 1 2 0 . H O

scale m o d e l trackside signals are offered by Walthers and J M C Inter national. Walthers offers their o w n b r a n d of t h e pro totype's "Color Light ," "Searchlight , " and "Dwarf" (for trackside or signal bridge installa tion) signals as well a s the Don Fowler brand "slow motion" semaphore sig nals. J M C has t wo and three light "Color Light" signals. Tru-Scale has a two-color "Color Light" signal at $ 2 .9 0 . Walthers makes their "Color Light" and "Dwarf" signals in scale as well. JMC has a n N scale version of their "Color Light" signal and Rapido makes a variety of operating signals in N s cale. Bachmann has a non-operating signal bridge in N, HO, a nd 0 s cale. The Bachmann signal bridges are d e signed for two-tracks b ut the kits can be spliced together t o cover as many tracks as you wish.

Lionel's 0 gauge "Searchligh t" signal comes with a track contact switch to actuate the red light on the signal.

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