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Summer 1971 - Page 42

A three-track signal bridge on the Burlington near Lisle, II.I Bachmann has plastic kits for two-track signal bridges like this in N, HO, and 0 scales. The bridge portion of two of the kits can be combined to make a longer three-track bridge. Burlington photo.


JMC's new operating "Color L igh t" signals are a vailable with either two or three ligh ts in both N and HO scales. The Walthers, Campbell, Tru-Scale, or Tri-Delt circuit boxes are needed to make such signals operate au toma tically and/or to con trol two trains on the same track.

althers has a full line of "Searchlight/' "Semaphore/' W "Color' Ligh C' and "Dwarf" signals in 0 scale at prices ranging between $. 65 and $6.50. A ll o f these model railroad signals have working ligh t bulbs.

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