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CB& Q 326 in black paint a t Denver, Colorado, in May of 1964. The retangular box located against the second radiator panel is the compressor air filter. HoI Wagner photo.

with dual cab controls for bidirectional operation, had Mars lights mounted above the standard headlights on each end. Q 440-459 and C&S 831-842 had only one

control stand and had tlie signal lights only at the front end. (Q 440-459 were classed as 'SD-9s' to distinguish them from dual control units, the "s" standing for

single control stand). Originally, many of the Q 325-374 series and C&S 820-830 series were equip ped with steam generators; they handled
HoI Wagner photo.

Q and C&S Train 30 is lead by Q 346 in this January, 1964, view.

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