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Coming up on the Belmont Road Crossing at Downers Grove, Illinois, in March of 1973 is BN 6143 (ex-CB&Q 341) still in her

by Jim Sandrin
When Athearn introduced their SD-9 model, much was done to help Burlington modelers in achieving a convincing roster as this was the most numerous single model on the system. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Athearn patterns their model after Southern Pacific prototypes and a bit of modification is required to obtain a pro per Q "feel" or look to the model. In the following article, modifications will be described to alter the Athearn kits and change them replicas. into CB&Q SD-9

as follows: CB&Q; 325-344, March, 1954 CB&Q; 345-374, June-October, 1955 CB&Q; 430-459, December, 1956, to March, 1957 C&S; 820-830, December, 1956, to March, 1957 C&S; 831-842, April, 1%9 All Q units were renumbered in 1970 to BN 6 127-620 6 ; the C&S units still carry their original numbers but are now painted BN green and carry the BN logo. All of the Q units and C&S 820-830 were built with the original SD-9 carbody having four 36" fans over the radiator

According to theDiesel Spotter's Guide, 4 71 SD-9's were built for United States railroads. The Burlington and subsidiary Colorado & Southern acquired the second largest fleet, after the SP, with a total of 103 units. The SD9's were purchased in 5 groups

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