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PROTOTYPE MODELER - October 1978 39

The opposite end of Northern Pacific 1931 is shown setting in the yards at St. Paul, Minnesota, in July, 1969.

Photo by Richard Miller

openings are cut as shown on the side elevations of the 1615 -1640 drawings. The doors themselves are cut from .010" sheet. Using the photos as a guide to underbody equipment, remove the battery box and the steps from the AHM car and "plate over" the vestibule doors with .010" styrene sheet. Car number 1931, nee 1492, does not appear in the passenger car registers and no history is available. It was used as a gas electric trailer car on branch line" runs in North Dakota and seems to be an ex-

cellent choice for the modeler's mixed train. There may have been other cars of this type; perhaps a reader can furnish us with additional information. The construction technique is identical to that for the baggage car except that windows are inserted as shown in the side elevation drawing. The window locations appear to be completely random, adding, I suppose, to the car's appeal. The models shown in the photos are weighted to eight ounces with linotype slugs. Couplers used are MKD6 or truck

mounted MKD5 for the baggage and RPO cars. Diaphragms are Walthers, with the striker plate cut and filed to the correct contour. Such matters, however, are usually subject to the individual modeler's choice. The models described may also be built from Walthers components, particu larly their molded plastic passenger car roof. If these components are used, I would recommend construction of the car sides with AHM materials for their excellent rivet detail.

The opposite side of NP 1492 (see opposite page).

P hoto by Richard Miller

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