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Northern Pacific 1931 of the 1931/1492 class rests at St. Paul, Minnesota, in July of 1969.

Photo by Richard Miller

Several of the cars in this series remain ed in service until recent years as storage mail cars, with their windows plated over and painted in Empire Builder colors (green and orange) . Note the renumber ing of these cars as they are shown in the photos. Our confidence renewed, we're ready to tackle something a bit more difficult. Great Northern baggage cars 400-4 1 6 were built b y Barney and Smith i n 1 907 as sleeping cars. They were rebuilt as baggage cars in 1926-1927; a steel under frame was added at that time. To model this car, two AHM Santa Fe combines were spliced to fit the roof section of a 75' coach. Unfortunately, I don't have

any suggestions as to what to do with the remaining parts from the three cars used for this conversion. In removing the distinctive Santa Fe side sill, it. was necessary to separate the floor and the sides. A new floor was made from sheet styrene, using the center sill and the bolsters from the original cars. See photos of prototypes 417 and X7836 and model 405. Construction of the two Northern Pacific cars will require at least one 1 2 section Pullman car for each car t o be modeled. You may require a third car for windows to "plug into" the 1492, al though it is possible to remove windows from the ARM car by carefully cutting

from the front and back of the car side with a razor blade or a fine modeler's knife. The resulting gap is small enough to be filled with putty when the windows are relocated. Baggage cars 1 6 15-1640 and 1 650-1655 were (obviously) converted from various types of Pullman equipment. Some cars possessed facilities for messengers as indi cated by the star above the car number. Similar cars were used by the Great Northern with the addition of a compart ment adjacent to one vestibule. See the prototype photo of No. 478. Either car can be modeled by simply removing the window panel as required and filling the space with ,0 30" styrene sheet. The door

Model is of NP 1492.

Photo by Richard Miller

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