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" Industrial" modu le, from SS Ltd .'s layout, was carefu lly planned to compli ment. the adjoining modules. Track plan of entire layout was drawn fi rst, then broken into modu les.

" City" and "industrial" modu les form an L-shaped layout in their own right. Modelers with l i ttle space could use just thi s much of a layou t for switch i ng operations and display.

The third layout modu le depicts a rural mou ntain scene. H i l ls, val leys, streams, and tunnels can be i ncorporated into the modular design as wel l as city or industria l areas.

The "city" , "i nd ustria l ", and "mo untain" modules bolt together to form a 4x6-foot layout. Forth modu le will feature more tu nnels and rock cuts to complete the 4x8-foot layout. A center backdrop h el p s to sepa.rate the "city" from "mou ntains". T h e ent i re layou t is supported on a set of removable legs.



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