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T he E lm h u rst ( I I I .) Model Railroad C l u b is constructing their N and HO scale layouts using "L girder" open grid benchwork. Crossmembers are attached to top of " L" with screws from below.

Track support boards are cut to match the l ocation of the track plan; about W' w ider than tracks. Boards are supported a few i nches above grid to l eave space for rivers and valleys.

The "open grid" bench work of the E lmhurst ( I I I . ) Model Railroad Club is nearing a final stage of construction . Most track boards and tracks are in p lace - scenery comes next . . . .

This "city" module is one of fou r that assemble i nto a 4x8-foot display layout for SS Ltd.'s HO scale structures, trees, detai l castings, rock castings, and bridges. 2x4-foot modu le is assembled and deta iled as an individual diorama.

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