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MRC the last word in

The last word, in a model railroad is performance ...and that's where MRC comes in strong! Whether you have spent months building a super scale, highly detailed HO layout, or just come home with a $15 "N" scale train set, the level of performance you get will depend on the power pack you'll use. For years, MRC has been the leader in model railroad powel packs. The broad selection of units to suit your particular layout and price range and MRC's rugged, dependable in dustrial quality components and superior design, provide an excellent value to any model railroader. The last word in control, however, is MRC's ability to produce the ultimate in scale motion in your layout ...your locos will crawl, hi-ball, couple without crashing and start smooth without stalling. Be sure you're getting all the performance that was built into your loco ... tell your dealer that you want MRC ...the power packs that provide enough power for for future expansion.



Deluxe unit with Extended Range 320 Taper Wound Rheostat, 2 amps - runs 4 trains, New Throttle-Master Speed Con trol Knob. Resettable circuit Protector, Overload indicator light, 16 volt A.C. for accessories. Direction Control, On-Off Switch. $12.95

Full 1 amp power output. Comple-te controls for the beginner's HO railroad. Taper wound rheostat. Vari-Power speed control . . . Automatic Circuit Protector ... Direction Control . . . Controlled D.C. output for trains . . . Safety-Grip pull cord . . . 16 volt A.C. for accessories . . . U.L. listed and C.S.A.appro $8.50

HO Scale

HO Scale


PACK NO. 500
Deluxe unit, more control.Extended Range Taper Wound Rheostat, 2 amps runs 4 trains, Pulse-Power Switch, New Throttlemaster Speed Control Knob, Re settable Circuit Protector, Overload indi cator light. Fixed 12 volt D.C. for expan sion, 16 volt A.C. for accessories, Direc tion Control, On-Off Switch.$14.95

Unusual value in low priced control.Runs 2 trains. Realistic, big Vari-power levers for both speed and direction control. Re versing switch has neutral center position. Taper wound rheostat, automatic circuit protector, overload indicator light. Master on-off switch. Controlled D.C. output for trains. 16 volts A.C. for accessories. U.L. listed and C.S.A.appro $10.95

Contains the advanced features to provi maximum performance Extended range 320 Taper Wound Rheostat, Pulse-Full Power Switcn, Circuit Protector, Overload Liht, Fixed 12 volt D.C.for future expanSIOn, 16 volt A.C. for accessories, Master On-Off Switch, - 2 amps, enough to run 7 N trains.$14.95


Control trains running at different speeds and directions on 2 separate track sec-. tions. 2 amps - runs 4 trains. 2 Taper Wound Rheostats, 2 Direction Controls, Resettable Circuit Protector. Overload In dicator Light, 16 volt A.C. 12 volt D.C. , , On-Off Switch.U.L.listed and C.S.A. appro

NO. 1722


Deluxe dual unit, 2 complete independent Power Packs in one. Usable with common rail circuits. Fea tures: 2112 amp output, 2 taper wound speed controls, 2 overload lights, 2 resettable circuit protectors, 2 direction switches. Fixed D.C. for expansion. A.C. terminal for accessories. Master Pilot Light and On-Off switch.$16.98


N Scale

TRANSISTORIZED CONTROLMASTER II Finest train control made. A new dimen sion in train control. Features automatic acceleration, coasting, braking ... 1 amp output, 16 volt A.C. for accessories. TEN OPER ATING AND INDI C ATING CONTRO L S. Extended range 320 degree throttlemaster speed control knob gives you the feel of the real thing. Track voltage adjustment, transmission switch, momentum adjust ment, emergency brake, resettable circuit protector, with overload indicator light, voltmeter, master on-off and directior switches, pilot light.$49.95

HO or


Power Pack with ail the basic controls ' including taper wound speed control, direction switch" Circuit Breaker pro tected, Full 1 ampere power output, D.C. for trains, A.C. for accessories. "Underwriters Laboratories, I Listed" and C.S.A.approved.$6,98
N Scale

Deluxe dual, powerful performance.2 com plete independent power packs 4 amp total.2 extended range 320 Taper Wound Rheostats, 2 New Throttle-Master speed control knobs. Pulse-Full Power Switches, 2 2 Direction Switches, 2 circuit protec tors, 2 Overload Indicator Lights, Master On-Off Switch, Fixed D.C.for expansion, 16 Volt A.C. for accessories. Controls locos operating in separate track sections even with common rail circuits. $28.95

HO Scale

MODEL i!!! ! RO D!:E

There is a full 1 amp output in this fine train control. Contains complete controls for the beginner's N railroad. A er Wound Rheostat ... A Vari-Power Lever for speed control ... Automatic Circuit Protector ... Oirection Control Switch .. . 16 volt A.C.for accessories. "Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Listed" and

NO. 100N

Deluxe full control for larger railroad. 3 complete independent power packs in one housing.6 amps runs 1 0 trains in separate track sections, each with its own complete control. 3 extended range 320 degree taper wound rheostats, 3 new Throttle Master speed control knobs, 3 direction switches, 3 resettable circuit protectors, 3 overload indicator lights, 3 pulse-full power switches, on-off switch, 3 block lights, 16 volt A.C. 12 volt D.C. Can be , used with common rail circuits.$45.95


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