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N ew t o the Denver and Rio Grande earlier this year were sixteen E M D SD40T-2 units delivered in March, numbers 5398-541 3 . One of these, which are not visibly different from prior
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orders on the Rio Grande, number 5403, poses a t Minturn, Colorado on June 2 8 . T h e Port of Tacoma, middle, expanded its roster recently with the addition of this 1 20-ton new GE unit, photographed July 1 7. Numbered 705, the locomotive was built in April as serial number 4 1 1 55. Amtrak's Willamette first new Oregon-subsidized Valley service, below, arrives in

Portland August 3, an impressive seven-car consist stretched out behind F40PHR's 252 and 250. The five Superliner coaches, dorm coach and Amdinette had served has the pre-inaugural southbound run for this new Portland-Eugene service, which calls for two new trains daily each way over the 1 26-mile route. Departing Portland a t 7:30 AM and 6:00 P M as the Willamette Valley n orthbound runs out of Eugene leave as the Mount Rainier a t 6:25 AM and the Willamette Valley a t 2:05 P M .

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