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u nsus IT UUTHER n s U "CURS
b y David G . Casdorph
Photos courtesy Freight Cars Journal


ith only four huge railroads left it can be easy to forget about the real l y significant and i nteresting regional rai l roads. Such is the case w ith the Kansas C ity

S outhern ... with a very progressive boxcar fleet. Almost the entire fleet of boxcars built new for the KCS came from ACF or Pull man-Standard. The interesting thing is

t he introduction during the Seventies of 1 00ton boxes while so many other operators were acquiring new 70-ton cars.

K CS N u m b e r Series

K CS 1 1 2844. This car was built i n May 1 973 by ACF. The early Seventies were another transitional point in boxcar design. Note the welded wrap around 4/4 maj o r/minor corrugations end with riveted seam. The wrap a ro u n d sty l e e n d s w o u l d s o o n g i ve way to t h e cu r r e n t l y p o p u l a r non-term inating ends. A l u m i n u m door. Waffled sides. 1 00-ton nominal capacity. Series KCS 1 1 2500-1 1 5495 (300 cars). Photographed September 1 6, 1 983.

on some of these . . . wel l , there's a reason. Up unti l recently KCS used a check digit system on their six digit series. The far right number of a car's number was the check digit. To find the correct quantity for the original series, drop the last digit from both the upper and lower numbers, then subtract the lower number from the higher one and add one. Example: KCS 1 52005- 1 5399 1 . Take the "5" and the " ) " off the right side of the n umbers. This leaves 1 5200- 1 5399. Subtracting 1 5200 from 1 5399 gives you 1 99, to which you add one to give the correct quantity of 200 cars in the series 1 52005- 1 5399 1 .

I don't exactly match the n u mber range
f some of the quantities for the series

K CS Decals
T he "happen'n" place for KCS boxcar decals is Oddballs Decals, 26550 227th Street. McLouth, KS 66054 or e-mail oddballdecal @ l

A dditional Referen ces
S C D-ROM: K C Boxcars, p ublished by the Society of Freight Car Historians, P.O. Box 24S0, Monrovia, CA 9 \ 0 1 7 (or e-mail FRSCARS @

KCS 1 1 3522. Sti ll in mostly original paint ... photographed July 2 1 , 1 983. 32


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