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T h i s h a n d s o m e h o m e f e a t u res a n asymmetrical layout with offset front bay, two-story side bay as executed i n two colors o f brick with wood tri m . The original porch h a s been modern ized, elimi nati ng or covering the orig inal. Fortunately, this did not ruin the a p pearance of this house. Brick and even stone walls are seen fairly com m o n l y o n S e c o n d E m p i re - sty l e houses.
b l oc k s i n t h e for m o f l i tt l e c u b i c l e s of styrene sheet and a second fl oor l a n d i n g w i l l permi t y o u t o l ight certain rooms and leave others dark in a most realistic style. On the l ayout i t i s nearly as effective to just make a shade of black paper to prevent l ight from s howi ng. Interio r deta i l s are a l ways effective, but only are needed if you are going to place your model right at the front o f the l ayout w here v i s i tors can see the detail i ng, otherwise the effect i s reall y lost. I had ordered some porch furniture made by Plastruct, but my mai l order hobby source sent me park benches instead - a good rea son to patronize your local reta i l er when you can. A glider, a card table and a couple of chairs on the porch with grandma and grandpa watc h i n g the world go by would help make a very typical American vignette for your town. This model was originally made as part of the Aurora plastic kit horror movie l ine and is now b e i ng made by P o l ar L ig h t s . M a n y hobby shop owners have discovered t h e kit, and it should be on the shelves of most hobby shops as you read this. The model is molded entirely of tan styrene and can be built up as intended with proper weathering, or can be distressed and made as a "haunted house" or derelict. But in towns along the Jersey Central Railroad are rows of this style of house, all in good repair, and it i s those I elected to model. South Seventh street in Plainfield, N J , for example, or some of the streets off Washing t o n Ave n u e north o f t h e C N J t r a c k s i n Dunellen come to mind. A t about $20.00 in hobby shops this i s not a cheap kit, but com pared to anything else that has been offered i n this style o f building it is a bargain. I think i t is a good value considering the quality o f the molded parts. This is an easy-to-assemble kit which can be built up with Pro-Weld, Tenax or any good liquid styrene cement, and any one who has b u i l t a s tyrene structure k i t before should have no trouble building the Bates House from Psycho.

I a m not nearly enough of an expert to tell if this building was restored to o r i g i n a l a p p e a r a n c e or was exten s i ve l y m o d i f i e d f o l l o w i n g S e c o n d E m p i re sty l e . T h i s s t r u ct u re h a s a handsome two-story bay on the side and finely detai led trim on the porch, accented by the elabo rate rust-color trim pa i nt. This is a good example of an asymmetrical layout (without a central tower or bay in the front).


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