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T his elegant large house shows many of the spotting features of the Second Empire style including the paired and triple windows. This house features a concave roof with convex roof on the tower. The pattern visible in the roof s h i n g l es was proba bly o n ly seen o n more elaborate or expensive projects. The landsca ping adds to the bea uty of t h i s s t r u c t u r e , w h i c h p ro b a b l y looks as good if not better than the day it was built.
h ouse. Consequently, I removed al l of i t except for a section in front that I cut back, and to which I added a pair of Campbell pil lars. The foundation and floor of the porch w a s l e ft in p l ac e a l t h o u g h i t c o u l d b e removed if desired. O n most o f these houses I used Grandt Line chimneys as this seems l i ke the one deta i l l eft o u t of the k i t . I haven't found any dormer w i ndows I l i ke, but at some future time I shall add the typi cal dormers to make the attic more usable in this l i ttle house. The cottage is painted Pale Delft B l ue with Warm White trim.

B eekman M a n s i o n
T he Beekman house is t h e final house or should I say three houses. They incorpo rate the most e l aborate changes to the kit. The first and most obvious change is the tall tower which is made from the sections left over from the cottage conversi o n . A new roof was needed and by measuring the tower size I was able to sketch out the concave forms on P l astruct s h i n g l e styrene sheet: when cut out they were bowed in by fi nger pressure, and were glued together and edged with .005 thick strip for the flashings at the corners. I used .040 strip from the scrap box to edge most of the inside for reinforcement. The front of the second story of the tower now has the second-floor w indow paneled over in the center to change its appearance from the identical p art used on the next floor. I further modified its appe a rance by adding the dark b l ue awning to visually cut off the top of the w indows to square them off (ask anyone who builds Santa Fe steam engines - they do t h e same t h i n g ) . The porch is now s l i g h t l y a s y m m e t r i c a l although I c o u l d h ave made it a straight across porch, I wanted it to balance the little porch off the dining room on the side. The new porch has rail ings from Grandt Line and spool trim under the frieze l ine. Above the p orch roof, w h i c h I m a d e of f l a t s h e e t styrene, i s s o m e "Widow's Wal k " rai l i ng from Grandt Line. I repeated thi s trim on the little side porch. On the left side of the hOLise (as we face it) you can see the SS Ltd. bay I added on in the front parlor to give i t some additional light. Again, Grandt Line lattice was used below the porches. I searched for some appropriate dormers and found the l ittle Grandt Line w i n dows you see which I backed up with triangles on either side and a rectangle across the top for the roof to create proper dormers.
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