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The Truesdale family house with the porch mod ified with twin side entrances and new front balcony above the front porch. A canopy roof with pilla rs or a fabric awning could be added to the balcony as seen in many similar prototype homes. The paired window dormers a re 55 Ltd. castings (backed with .030 acrylic from Plastruct). Not visible in this view is a kitchen extension made of Evergreen clapboard that nearly matches the kit. (Th i s is very typical in prototype homes.)
a symmetrical layout with the tower at one corner. The Mansard roofs are often concave or convex (curved in l ike a cove or bel l ied out l i ke a segment of a rod) as well as the flat type in the kit. After chasing down a number of exam ples of prototype Second Empire houses i n various l ocations i n the Northeast from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, I think that the Polar L i ghts model is q ui te typical i n representing this style o f architecture. This kit is suitable for use on most railroads as it comes from the box or with modification as you can see i n the photos. I look forward to seeing what other modelers w i l l do to mod ify their models. The model has a front porch that wraps around the tower. Many prototype houses have porches straight across the front. With parts from Grandt Line and Campbell (and others) it is very easy to change or recon struct the porch or any other part of the kit. t o create a balcony door. I t hen added a bal cony made of styrene sheet and replaced the original parts with Grandt Line rai ling and pillars. The main porch has Grandt rail ings and i s modified with lattice sections below the porch so the entrances are now at the two front corners off the sides rather than center of the front. E vergreen strip was u sed to make the l ittle trellises. The kitchen exten sion i s made of Evergreen clapboard sheet with square section strip in the corners and shingle roof panel from Plastruct. I added dormers from SS Ltd. on the two sides and the tower by cleanjng off the flash on the metal castings, painting the part with the trim, backing it with acrylic plastic and making sides and top of styrene painted to m atch the roof. Curtains in this and all of these houses are made from old magazine ads adhered with Testors clear plastic win dow cement, a w h i te g l ue made to avoid staining or etching of clear parts in model plane canopies. This house i s painted in Forest Green with Mist Gray w indows and Light Creme trim on the shutters.

G reene House
T he Greene house (in tan and chocolate) i s the fi rst one I b u i l t . I o n l y made o n e change; since I d idn't l i ke the proportions o f t h e porch I l owered i t sl ightly by cutting down the p i l l ars. The house i s painted in buff with trim and w indows of mahogany and shutters painted dove gray. I thought the roof fences were a bit overpowering so I took off the small tips with an X-Acto knife to make them less massive.

Truesdale House
T h e Tru e s d a l e h o u s e ( p a i nted for e s t green) was built next, and I opened u p the center part of the triple window in the tower
N OVE M B E R 1999

A j ewel of a Second Empi re-style house; this one has kept its original trim and has not been rui n ed by "modern ization." The rou n d two-story bay, e legant porch trim and original roof and fancy d ormers add to the charm of this house.

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