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672A approaches the mainline on the Northern Virginia Model Rai l roaders' layout.
i l ar, note that the maroon units had numbers only on the front p late and numberboards while the green units had them on the sides as weI\ . Also note that the yellow and black pilot stripes and other roof appliances on the green units began appearing in the late ' 50s, well after all of the F units had been painted green. Since [ wanted to run the maroon and green units together, i.e., during the repaint ing process, I chose not to apply the p i lot stripes or roof appliances. Once the decals were in place, I painted the l i ft rings and roof grabs b l ack and the side, front and p i l ot grabs AccuFlex S o o Line D u l ux Gold and mou nted them. F o r some reason the MODELflex color is n o t a good match for the decals. I then attached the horns and the A m e r i can L i m i ted diaphragms and the models were ready for weathering. I weathered the roofs and sides o f the models with a wash of Floquil SP Lettering Gray and Diosol, mixed 1 :4. After this had set for several days, I weathered the trucks, pilots, skirts and lower portion of each shell w i t h a m i x t u re o f 5 0/ 5 0 F l oq u i l R a i l B rownlS P Letter i n g G ray w h i c h I aga i n di l uted 1 :4 w i t h D i o s o \ ' I waited several days before in stal l i n g the cab g l a s s and lenses. T h i s i s essenti a l , as touc h i n g the mode l s too soon after this weathering w i l l leave finger marks. I fin i shed the model s by p a i n t i n g the windshield wipers S i l ver, drybrus h i ng the couplers Rail Brown, and mounting them. These locomotives were easy to do and w i l l b e workhorses on my layout. I h ope you ' l l give a project like this a try soon.
N OVE M B E R 1 999

H ere is a closer look at 672B. Note the rou nded off stripes at the rear of the unit.

M an ufact ure r Part No. Description

A -Line American Limited Custom Finishing Detail Associates

Details West Kadee MY Products Stewart Hobbies Microscale

2 9200 99 1 0 214 2206 22 1 3 22 1 5 2505 2506 2807 209 450 22 25 38 87-9 1 0 87-793 MC-4056

Wi ndshield wipers Stewart diaphragms Steam-generator set Lift rings Coupler l i ft bars Ladder grabiron B rass wire, .0 l 5 Brass wire, .0 1 9 Speed recorder Rear draft gear/backup l ight Close couplers C lassification light B ackup Light Ff S ideframes (request a "mix") Maine Central E & F Units E & F Unit Diesel Data & Numberboards B u i l der's Plates


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