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6 71A backs into the bulk fuel distributor's siding on the Northern Virginia Model Railroaders' layout.
e ral sources I read s uggested u s i n g Erie L a c k a w a n n a m a roo n . I l o o k e d a t t h e Accu+paint a n d EL colors but found them too brown. I know that both Proto 2000 and Stewart have produced B&M equipment in this brown shade, but I felt the photos I 'd seen s h owed the u n i ts faded to a redder appearance over time. I experimented with a dozen different color combi nations before settling on a M O D ELflex m i xture of five parts M i l waukee Maroon, five parts Deep Red, and two parts Pennsy Maroon. While this is not the simplest formula, the MOD ELfl e x colors m i x easi I y and the batch I made is s t i l l i n tact, several months l ater. Once I had painted the maroon, [ m asked and painted the rear, as wel l as the s i de skirts, pilot and roof, black. The chicken wire on the Stewart grilles is beautiful, so I decided to give it some depth. I masked as shown in Photos 6 and 7 and painted the exposed areas with a wash of Floquil Engine B lack and D i osol m ixed 1 :4. Don 't overdo this step; you only need a few passes with the airbrush to create the effect. I f you put on too much black, the result is not believable. O n c e t h e p a i n t i n g w a s c o m p l e ted, I a pplied the decals from the Microscale set. I u sed dec a l s from 87-9 1 0 for these un its, from 87-793 for the k i c k p l ates and from MC-4056 for the builder's plates. Although the green and maroon schemes are very sim-

67 1 A and B; date un known but probably late 1 940s or early 1 950s. The early MEC F3s were used for passenger service for Russ Monroe, Jr., photo, courtesy Bob's Photo only a few years. 24

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