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67 1 A; date a n d photogra pher un known, but probably the early 1 960s. Note the p i lot stripes, roof appliances and safety g rabs. Courtesy Bob's Photo

M EC 672A, So. Portland, ME; December 2, 1 956. Note the lack of roof appliances or pi lot stripes as the unit has been recently repainted.
J ohn Da vis photo, George Melvin collection

u p l i ght. I used a #77 dril l b i t (.0 1 8) for the grabirons si nce I formed them from .0 1 5 brass wire. The same bit will also work for the lift rings. The Stewart front coupler hole needs to be en l arged i n t o a D-shape, as shown i n Photo I . You can do this with some careful carv i n g w i th a # 1 1 b l ade and a fi l e . You should also carve off one or two of the ribs on the rear of the unit w i th a chisel blade (# 1 7) so that you can m ount the back-up l ight flush. When you are satisfied with the fit, dri l l the appropriate hole for the light and mount it. As you can see from the photos, the MEC had rather large back-up lights on i t s F u n i t s . I u sed a " s tandard" DW 209 back-up l ight on these units, because I could not find anythi ng more c l osely resembling t h e s e l ig h t s i n Wal th e r s c a ta l o g . I then sanded off the A-unit class lights and drilled holes to accept M Y LS22 lenses. The Stewart shells come with mold part ing lines on the front of the A-unit shells. I removed these with 400-grit sandpaper, then smoothed out the area with 1 500-grit sand paper (avai lable at most auto parts stores if your hobby shop does not carry it). I then puttied the depressions over the cab win dows and sanded everything smooth. I wanted coupler l i ft bars on these units and fou n d that scratchbui ld i n g them was easy. For the l i ft-bar base plates on the front of the A - u n i t s , I fi rst c u t two ' Is " s quare p i eces of .0 1 0 styrene. I then dri l ied two holes in each with a #74 bit, and attached the styrene to the p i lot. After the u n i t s were painted, I drilled holes in the pilot through the holes in the styrene. I then mounted two DA 22 1 3 coupler l ift bar brackets in the holes, and formed .0 1 5 brass wire to make the bars and handles. I then painted the wire and brackets. On the " B " end of each unit, I simply mounted the w i re in D A 2206 eyebolts,

M EC 672B, So. Portland, ME; April 22, 1 964. By now the u n it has B rg B journals and exhaust stacks. The steam generators, having had l ittle use for many years, have been removed. George Melvin photo

6 71 B and 672A, Rigby Yard, So. Portland, ME; December 1 963. Rear detail views of F units are rare ! Note the large backup light. George Melvin photo 22

T he front of u nit 672A shows the cou p l e r l i ft b a rs , b a s e p l a t e s a n d D sha ped pi lot.
N O V E M B E R 1 999

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