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w hole railroad. Ken credits scenery guru Dave Frary's landscaping techniques for mak i n g the job go much easier. Unburdened by hard-to-access scenery Having visited, r c an honestly say, the not to model the towns the KS&N pass results are truly terrifi c ! and excessive terrain, Ken has chosen

es through, just the right-of-way itself.

V i e w i n g t h e N a ntucket ferry de pot from two different ang les (Photos 1 1 & 1 2) h e l p s to visua l ize the a rea. It featu res a u n i q u e seas i d e structure built from plans in an NMRA Bulletin a rticle. Note the retaining walls made of coffee stirrers. The ship was origi nally a 1 /300 s cale model of the Cutty Sark, b u t by a d d i n g various deta i l s t h e boat w a s changed t o HO scale.
T ake a few moments to study the pho tos. If you're contemplating a new layout, Ken's efforts, tlu'ough not revolutionary, might j ust i ntroduce you to a new way of executing a not-so-new concept.


Hidden Staging Tracks Above Enclosed Fuel T ank

I I I I I I I I \ \ \1


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K en, of Huntington, Long Island, is a d raftsman who enjoys sa iling and painting in watercolors. He spends most of his modeling time deta i l ing motive power but looks f orward to red iscovering photog raphy, an o l d hobby of h i s . Ken and h i s wife, M ona, have three grown children.



S E PTE M B E R 1 999

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