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board from scale lumber. The roof is Camp bell shingles, with patches made from acid etched Campbell corrugated siding. The key to this building i s the detailing. such as the entry mat and swing on the front porch, the trash cans and woodpile around back, and the gutters and downspouts. With out these details to make the building look 'lived-in,' it is sterile and unremarkable.

c omplete the overgrowth. One of the defin i n g characteristics of nature is that u nless h eld back, it will explode with a variety of plant l i fe anywhere i t can get a foothold. N e a t l y m a n i c u re d l aw n s a n d t r i mmed hedges don ' t typical l y exist along railroad right-of-ways, and they don' t exist in Swan son Holler. The buildings were put in using a hot glue gun to hold them i n p l ace. A couple T he windmill spots of g l ue i s enough to hold everything was scratch together. After each structure was put in. the built from The windmil l is made from brass, styrene, scenery around it was touched up. It was at styrene, wood and cardstock based on drawings which this point that I decided to add in the Wood brass and appeared in the September 1 9 8 2 i ssue of land Scenics treehouse kit, which had been wood fol Model Railroader. T he fan and tail were laid used on a d i fferent part of the layout . I t lowing an out on .0 1 0 brass sheet, then cut with an X seemed t o fit i n well here. a rticle in Acto using fresh blades. The blades were laid Finall y, the fine details were added, such MR. out on a j ig, the connecting-wire framing as trash cans, the laundry, stumps, chickens, added, then everything was fluxed and sol vehicles and figures. I h eld each casting with dered. The tail pieces were taped to a piece of a pair of tweezers, and dipped it into a pud glass, fluxed and soldered. d l e of ful l-strength white g l ue, then put i t The tower was bui l t from styrene corner into place i n the scene. posts constructed of .0 1 5 x .040 and .0 1 5 x I cannot overemphasize the importance .020 styrene. The horizontal members were of adding appropriate fLgures and animals made from .0 1 5 x .040 styrene, then brass i n t o a s c e n e . T h e s e are w h at catch the bracing wire was added using CA to hold viewer's eye and draws him i nto the scene. everythi ng together. I used CA to connect As detailed as the structures and scene might two adjoining sides together, then glued the be, it i s the human element which attracts two halves together to complete the tower. a n d h o l d s o u r atte n t i o n . O n e can e as i l y The base of the tower is a piece of .060 imagine the conversation between Sam and styrene painted to look l i ke concrete. The Tom as they talk over the din of the tractor well is concealed with a stripwood cover. A engine, or the weariness of Christine as she hatch to the well uses a couple of Grandt brings i n more wood for the stove as Lisa Line hinges. The windm i l l was not originally part of p u l l s at her skirt. M e an w h i l e , Sam Ir. is the scene. When first built, there was a large b l i ssfu l l y unaware of anything as he goes (scale 60') tree i n that l ocat i o n . U n fortu higher and higher in his tire swing, imagin nately, the tree concealed the interior of the ing a tIip to the moon. barn and made it difficult to see the garage, As I mentioned at the beginning of this outhouse and other detaili ng in the yard. In c over, then adhered w i th the w h i te - g l u e article, this and other scenes for my layollt addition to being appropriate to the scene, solution. were bu i l t between the dismantling of my the open framing of the windmill allows the previous layout and the construction of my Now the l arger detai l cast i ngs, such as detai I and other structures to be better seen. the Chooch junk pile behind the barn and the current one. I took advantage of the situation Woodland Scenics auto frame behind the to hone my skills building structures, figur garage, were added. They were put i n using i n g that the resu l t s could be i ncorporated The farm is c o n structed on extruded fu ll-strength white glue. into the layout when I got to that point. Now foam board. The basic contours were formed I ll sed l i c h e n and h o m e made c l u m p that I am working in earnest on laying track using a stiff wire brush. The barn, f armhouse fol iage material for the bushes, which were for the new layout, I ' m finding that I don't and garage were located on the board and l i berally coated with the glue m i xt u re to have time to do the detailed structures, so I their foundation locations marked. These hold them in place. Weeds are dyed sisal and am thankful that I took the time between lay outlines were cut into the foam with an old material from Wood l and Scenics. An old outs to do these scenes. steak knife, then excavated out with an X bottle-brush tree and bumpy chen i l l e trees I 've also found that constructing scenes Acto chisel b l ade, checking depth i n t h i s m a n n e r l eads to a level of against the foundations as I worked. detail which is sometimes overlooked After the foundation holes were when work i ng on a larger area. B y completed, I d i d the basic ground focusing o n a l i ttle over a square foot cover. I coated t h e scene w i th an of space, you can bring your attention earth-colored flat l atex paint, then to details which are often seen, but sifted on Woodland Scenics ground s e l d o m m o d e l ed - such as mai l cover and sifted dirt from the part of boxes, laundry . . . and the basketba l l Kentucky I model . After a spray of hoop above t h e garage doors. wet water, a 2 : I m ixture of water to I hope you've enjoyed your tour of white glue was used to adhere every Swanson Holler. It was a lot of fun to thing. build, and I learned a lot while work The road i s p l as t e r of P a r i s , ing on it. I hope you ' l l try a scene like sanded smooth. A series o f Polly S this of your own - even if you don 't washes were wiped on, then cracks have a layout now, these scenes store drawn in with a fine-point permanent S mall d isplays a re a g reat way to try new modeling e as i l y and c a n e as i l y be fi t i n to a marker. The berm was covered with tec h n i q ues. Don't l et lack of a layout p revent you fu t u re l a y o u t . D o n ' t wai t to s tart t he same dirt as used i n the ground from refining your own skills. bui lding !
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