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The outhouse was b u i lt board-on-board after 'one of those days' using scrap lumber from the barn. The doors on the outhouse and garage both operate.
t ion techniques. U s i n g double-sided tape, this goes very quickly. The sides were laid out, using 2 x4 framing, then the seat was cut from scale l x l Os . A hole was roughed i n w i t h an X - A c t o k nife, then fin i shed with a file. The s i d e and b a c k w a l l s were g l u e d together with C A , then framing for t h e fron t was added, making sure everything stayed square. The fron t siding boards were cut to fit and glued .in place. I laid out siding material on a piece of double-sided tape, then cut the door to fit the openi n g in the fron t wall. Z-brac ing was then added. The moon was cut i n w i t h a fresh # 1 1 blade in the knife. The hinges are made of sewing thread, as with the garage. The roof is additional scrap material, cut to a 9 " overhang and covered wi th Campbell shingles. A final touch for the truly observant is a roll of toilet paper, cut from a length of #28 w h i te telephone wire, sitting on the outhouse seat.

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The farmhouse itself is a simple struc ture, especial l y when compared with the

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