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completion of either locomotives or cars. It was the last of four former Rock Island S W I 500s owned by u.S. Leasing Company of San Francisco, Calif., which were sold to Kennecott in 1 982, with M-K acting as a selling agent. The units were part of a group of 1 0 S W I 500s and 14 GP40s stored by M-K since the spring of 1 9 8 1 while buyers were being sought for the units formerly leased to the defunct Rock Island Railroad. The four SW 1 500s were generally reman ufactured in kind with certain optional fea tures incorporated for compatible operation with two M P 1 5AC units bought new in 1 978 (PACIFIC NEWS, Issue 246). Most of the work was done in 1 982 with three units
B y Norman E. Anderson

f I were asked to summarize the 1 983 rail road rebuilding activities of Morrison Knudsen in two words or less, it would be TRANSIT CARS. The roster of 1 983 M-K completions leaves absolutely no doubt that the transition to rebuilding transit cars discussed in last year's article (PACIFIC NEWS, Issue 246) has taken place. Except for two locomotives, the entire outshopping roster (98%) is made up of transit rolling stock; 1 1 0 of the total of 1 1 2 units. A result of this transition in work emphasis was that for the first year since its completion in


1 973, there were no locomotives in the Boise locomotive shop during nearly nine months of 1 983. After April 5th when Phelps Dodge NW2D/M 5 was completed and transferred from Boise, all M-K work was thereafter involved with overhauling or remanufactur ing commuter cars for three eastern transit authorities. First, about the two locomotives.
Kennecott SW1500

Generally speaking, the first locomotive completion of a calendar year is one from a contract begun the previous year. Such was the case in 1 983 with Kennecott Minerals Company SW 1 500 No. 7 1 7 being the first

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