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A t the recent SD&AE board meeting t he board approved a request by the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum to run excur sion trains on the east and of the main line. This will probably be in the Campo Jucumba area. The approval carries six

this column, the stub-end Embarcadero terminal has been a bottleneck to smooth subway operation almost since revenue ser vice began in 1 980. Muni engineers have designed an underground loop just beyond the stub tracks that will run south and east of the station between Steuart Street and the or LRV Embarcadero, with a spur track f storage and road repairs, as well as a pro vision for future ramps to the surface for the proposed line extension to the Cal trans (SP) train station at 4th and Townsend streets. With full funding now assured, final designs can be completed with construction hope fully starting before the end of this year.

Two other Muni streetcar extension proj ects have been reviewed by the city's Public Util ities Commission (PUC), which operates the Muni-the line running from the Market Street subway to the Caltrans station at 4th and Townsend streets via the Embarcadero and the J-Church line from its present terminal to the BART Balboa Park station at Metro Center. The Embarcadero extension would mate with the soon-to-be-built subway turnaround loop and provide direct down town service for the thousands of daily train commuters coming from the Peninsula. This extension, however, may conflict with the Cal trans proposal to extend its train service

stipulations that must be met before any operations can be conducted: I . T he railway unions agree. 2. Equipment meets FRA regulations or has FRA approval . 3. Insur ance is procured for the run . 4. Track is cleared at museum expense. costs. The recent Santa Fe track removal pro gram around Union Station and the old heavy lift yard at Cal ifornia and Market streets yielded many interesting historical finds. Below much 7 5- and 90-lb. rail stamped at Colorado (Pueblo) in 1 9 1 3 and 1 9 2 3 was an assortment of light 3 5-lb. "T" rail used back when the area was truly waterfront . This lighter rail was rolled in 1 882 with the Krupp name, coming " round the horn" under sail. Sections bearing the Krupp name were sawed off by crews and sent up to the San Bernardino offices as souvenirs. Lifting of track in the yard has resulted in moving that type of unloading to the Wallace Street Yard adjacent to Old Tow n . The possibility still exists in moving the 1 908 25-ton trolley operated traverser to the Wallace Street Yard also or donating it to the PSMRA Museum at Campo. Track relaying and lifting in the station area will also call for a new access track from the Santa Fe across Pacific High way into the Navy Supply Center. The Navy continues to run its own little railroad around the San Diego Naval Station, with a track connection from the Santa Fe's National City line. The Public Works Cen ter is in charge of a single 44-ton General Electric ( 1 942) built diesel engine. One of a group built for the Army early in W W I I the engine's last home was at Camp Pendleton where it operated as USMC 250894. Trans erred from the Marines in 1 9 72, it now f carries the N avy acco u n t i n g number 65-00608. 5. PUC ap proves. 6. Museum bears any extraordinary

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S an Francisco Muni
B y Don Jewell
T he Metropolitan Transportation Com mission (M TC), which controls all federal and state financial aid for mass transit im provements in the San Francisco Bay Area, has given final approval to a very important Muni streetcar project, the turnaround loop or f the Market Street subway at the Embar cadero station. As discussed previously in

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