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The Cheyenne Local sets out some boxcars at Tiptons Mills. Back in 1950 40 boxcars hauled grain with wood grain doors nailed inside the sliding doors. The RSC2 is a Kato with numberboards and some weathering. tors devised a destination switch list system. His reasoning was that prototype switchmen are only interested in where the car goes. Therefore my switch lists give each car a destination. The list for the freight yards give destinations for all of the freight cars, while the local lists only show cars that belong in that locals territory. The concept is very logical and simple. If a car is misplaced, the next local along will correct the mistake and start the car to its destination.

Train #57 on the curve at Warren. Coincidentally, there really is a restricted speed curve on the prototype at Warren. Sometimes things just work out right. This is the only large expanse of minimum radius curve visible. Other minimum radius curves are mostly hidden in tunnels. The engine is a PFM import painted to match #812. In 1950 the passenger engines were painted in the Greyhound scheme to match the heavyweight passenger cars. become #3 or #4 now. Train orders Train order forms were made on our computer by my wife from a photograph of a real UP 19 Order. I hand write the information on each one as to where the train is, where it goes and any meets. All the operator has to do is read the order and he knows what to do with his train. Switch listing One of our local opera-


X -9019 West rounds the curve at Warren. Its a Sunset import painted and weathered. The trailing load of sugar beats is in an H-70-1 hopper, kitbashed from an MDC triple hopper and lettered with Oddballs Decals.


JULY 2002

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