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Eastbound freight #250 crosses a bridge on the way to Denver. The F3s are all Stewart, painted and detailed from photos. Only two of these are powered, and they work pretty hard on this long 1% grade with 30 cars. cars and not be too crowded. When a new car comes out which I must have, something has to come off the layout. Cabooses were a huge problem until Centralia Car Shops came out with their CA-3, 4 cabooses. The CA-1s are sometimes available from Gloor Craft and build up pretty well. Passenger cars are another matter. There arent that many really authentic cars available for this era. Walthers announced their 10-6 Pullmans, which were built in 1950. MDC has the Harriman series with a few useful cars. I was fortunate to acquire a train of American Beauty UP cars, which became the C ity of Denver . Though this is not authentic at all, it looks nice considering that the cars are 45 years old. Since Denver Union Station is included, there are passenger trains from other roads on the layout. These include the Rocky Mountain Rocket (RI), Colorado Eagle (MP) and California Zephyr (CB&Q and D&RGW).


The Greeley Branch Local approaching the bridge leading into Briggsdale. The rail fans are waving to trains passing by on the main below.

Timetable For years, I operated mostly alone and scheduled/dispatched trains as the need arose. When the layout became presentable enough to have others operate it, I realized that some scheduling was needed. During one of my sessions, I simply wrote down everything that went on; this became Timetable #1. As more layout and trains were added, the timetable expanded to Train #57 makes a station stop at Brighton. The RPO is an MDC Harriman car with details added from an article in the late Terry Metcalfes UP Modeler magazine. It has several PSC parts, wire grabirons, diaphragms and Central Valley trucks. The depot is Walthers painted in UP Standard colors for the era. The convertible is judiciously placed so the absence of a license plate doesnt show.


JULY 2002


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