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This is part of the unfinished area of the layout; note the bare Homasote. Of course, being unfinished doesnt stop Management from using it. This underconstruction view of Denvers tipple shows how it will appear when finished. This is the IHC Cheyenne coal dock painted black and weathered. Note the foundation for the cinder chute under 2302. Coal is delivered by UP and Utah Coal Route cars for loco consumption.

to model railroad. The real UP dieselized the western part of the system first because of water and operating considerations. This left the steamers for the eastern districts, including the Denver Pacific. E-units, Erie-builts and 4-8-4s are used to pull passenger trains. Freights get F3s, FAs and various steam. Alco, EMD and FM switchers and an 0-6-0 handle switching chores. For years I bought brass steam, as they became available with the hope of building a layout to use them on. Most have been painted and weathered and are in service. The UP Historical Society and numerous books on the UP provide all of the information needed to paint and letter these correctly. Lately I have acquired some plastic steam locomotives (Challengers and a USRA Mike). These look fine alongside brass as long as they have good paint and weathering. Most visitors cant tell the difference. Every time I think I have all the locos I need, something new turns up that I cant resist. So the loco roster continues to expand. Cars Modeling the Union Pacific in 1950 becomes easier every year. Most of the important freight cars are available in kit form from the manufacturers and others can be built or kitbashed rather easily. I have a lot of older Athearn and MDC cars, which have been repainted (some more than once) in appropriate paint schemes. Everything gets weathered and the wheels also get painted. This layout can support about 300


The Greeley Branch local enters Briggsdale for an afternoon of switching. This can get very challenging for the operators due to the short run-around track and limited space. The barn is an old Revell model, which has been on my several layouts since the 60s.


JULY 2002

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