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The westbound Cheyenne Local approaches Warren. The engine is a Sunset import, painted to match one of the surviving UP engines. Notice the culvert in the background from a previous alignment of the mainline. you go up. I mixed three different shades of blue with different amounts of white added and brushed this on starting at the horizon and tapering up to full sky blue. Due to the passage of time, the colors were not exactly right, but it ended up looking pretty good

with wispy clouds. The Rocky Mountains are off in the distance and are represented by light grays and whites mixed. This is a very simple backdrop that doesnt draw the eye away from the layout.

Rolling Stock
Locomotives 1950 was right in the middle of the transition from steam to diesel. This makes a really interesting time UP 1078, an Athearn switcher, picks up some empty lumber cars from 87 Lumber (a take-off on the local 84 Lumber). UP 1078 was modified from a SW7 using an old article from Model Railroader . It has a Helix Humper motor and flywheels, which are a huge improvement over the originals. This modification is very worthwhile, as the engine is almost silent. The depot and lumberyard are by Walthers.




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