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of 30", it tends to get cozy when more than six operators are working. Operating sessions have few rules and no fast clock. A car card system was recently introduced to add some reasons behind the switching moves. The basic intent is to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow model railroaders.

Principles of Organization
To reduce operating expenses and keep frustration levels low, I have developed two organizational principles to keep the railroad running efficiently. Using these principles for years has contributed to my overall enjoyment of the layout. 1) Keep it clean. After every project (from small to large) everything is cleaned up and put away. Nothing is stored in the aisles or on top of the layout even unfinished sections. I have found that retreating to the train room and running trains, even for a few minutes after work, in a pleasant environment makes it all worthwhile. My workbench, well thats another story.... 2) Everything has its place. Scenery details, construction materials, unused structures, figures, vehicles, and so forth all have their place together. These items are stored in cabinets under the layout so they can be easily found. Theres nothing harder on the operating budget than having to purchase something, then later discovering that there were three more hidden somewhere else.

My fictional representation of BNSFs Fall River Subdivision has provided countless hours of enjoyment. Future plans include completing scenery on the branchline, enhancing future operating sessions and holding public open houses to help share my passion and promote the hobby.


A GP9 passes Sages BNSF office as it prepares to set out a boxcar. A BNSF G P60 and Santa Fe GP60B are the power on todays eastbound Train 104.

S tate highway 79 is usually busy d uring rush hour traffic. This mod ern transportation corridor links the towns of Sage and Fall River.


JUNE 2002

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