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June 2002 - Page 4

NEW! Wheeling a nd Lake Erie Ohio Coal Hauler - Volume 2
b yJ ohn B. C ams 128 Pages H ardbou //{l witlt over 3 60
p hot os aud i l/ustm Uo ns

NEW! Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Trains, Consists a nd Cars -1952 Volume 1, East-West Trains
by Har t)' S tegma iet 128 Pages H ardbou nd COLOR 111RO UGf-IO UT over 1 iIIust ra ti olls 011 100 jJollnd 50
enamel stock

360 sharp ph oto s and 35, 000 wo rd s on thi s 500- mil e Ohio coa l haul er. Lumb erin g 2-6 -6-2's fas t 2-8-4s , home built 0-6-0 s and 0-8-0s. Ca rs, loco moti ves, stati ons, termin als, shops, facili ties, iro n ore pi ers on L Eri e. From 187 0s through merg ake er with Nickel Pl ate in 1949. Du e SUlIl me!:

Passe nge r car hi sto ri an l'larry Stegma ier, whose SP Passe nge r Trai n Co nsists and Cars boo k has receive d wid e accl aim , has li sted and anl yze d th e PRll's major east-west passe nge r train s as th ey were in 1 952. Mo re th an 150 ph otos plu s menu s, ads, timetabl es and more arc use d to illu st rate th e tr ain s and ca rs use d in thi s pe ri od with tex t on how the tr ains we re made up and use d. R ea(~)1 Fal/.

$39.95 + $5 S IH S pecial $34.95 + $5 SI H
NEW! Southern Railway DieselLocomotives & Trains 1950-1980
by Curt Tillo/soll Hardb oun d, 128 pages , 150 B&W and co lor ph otos , show ing pr im ar il y di ese l actio n ph otos take n in th e 1 960s forwa rd (w ith so me ea rli er mate ri al), wit h ex tended capti ons, much as in thi s auth or'SClass ic Stea m Trains of the So ut h, whi ch has rece ived wid e ac cl aim . Summ ary ros ter. All cl asses fr om th e 1 0s fo rwa rd t rea ted, but bulk of 94 wo rk is 1960-82. R ea(~) ' Fal/.

$29.95 + $5 SIH Special Only $24.95 + $5 SIH
FREE OFFER! H urry, l imited t ime o nly! Ends A ugust 3 0, 2002, Order any three new titles listed on this page at the special sale price and receive FREE your choice of one of the following:

NKP Publicity Pho tos Vo l. J (reg. 25.95), W tern Pacific es Loco motives and Ca rs (Reg, 24. 95), NYCLightweigh t Passenger Cars, l1'ains & 11'f1vel (Reg. 28. 95) or Missou ri Pacific Freight Equ.ipm ent & Service ( Reg. ~'28. 95)

O nly $29.95 + $5 SI H O rder n ow a t s pecial p re-publicationprice $24.95 + $5 SIH NEW! A ppalachian C onquest
C&O, N&W, V irginian a nd C linchfield Ct'oss Tlte M ountains
b y Eugelle L. H uddlestotl, PIt.D.
144 Page IWl'dcove r w il" sco r es o fp hotos, drawi 11gs (I nd diag ra llls

NEW! The Steam-Liners
Streamlined Steam!

Co mpl ete treati se on how top og raph y affec ted th e majo r Poca hont as reg ion rail ro ad s cross in g of th e App alac hi an Mo un ta in range . Th e C& O, N& W Virgini an and Clinchfi eld all had differe nt approac hes to , cro ss in g th e rugge d App alac hian s. Topo graph y of th e reg ion dictat ed th e moti ve powe r, operati ons and th e ph ys ica l make up of th e roa ds, with tunnels, grades , and mass ive brid ges to make th e cross in g. Oth er small er roa ds dea lt with th e sa me probl ems, on a small er sca le. Thi s boo k takes it s bas is fro mAjJjJalac!tia11 Crossing (TLC, 1988) but is all new with many ph otos , maps and chart s. Re({(~ )1 ea r(i' .!u(i'.

$29.95 + $5 S IH S pecial $24.95


$5 SI H

NEW! B urlington R oute The E arly Z ephyrs
b y Geofft'/JJ' II. Dough/y
144 Pages H ardbou lld.fll ily i llll siraled w ith oller 100 Pli %s a ll 100 pO nd ell alllel slack l/

NEW! West Virginia's L ast L ogging R ailroadMeadow R iver Lumber C ompany
by Philip V. Bagdon 80 Pages sqfibo llll d 11Iil h 1 i)li olos 30 Hi stor y of Wes t V ginia 's bi gges t and la st logg in g lin e, Shays, l'leislers, ir Clima xes and endin g with di ese ls, 1 1 971. D tail ed sLOr y of loco912 e moti ves , Gl rS trac kage , etc. Co lor, film laminat ed cove rs. /lea(!)' Fall! ,

D il ed stud y of CB&Q ', introdu cti on of th e Str ea mlin ed Era , and its eta Zep hyr tr ai ns and ope rati ons 1 to th e beg innin g of W 934 W11. T t se ts ex tr ain s in hi sto ri ca l perspec ti ve and co ntex t. Ph oto s, di ag rams, Mec hani ca l dat a id ea l for CB& fans, passe nge r train aficionad os and Q Exce ll ent hi sto ry! (Seco nd Vo lum e in late 2002 will cove r WW Il-t o- 1 1. ) NolV 97

NEW! M issouri PacifiC P assenger Trains-111e P ostwar Yem's
bJ' P illrick C /J(wiu . 128 Pages "art/bol/lld wilh
orer 175 JJ& IV alld color plIO> lo.\~ flud iIIus/mtions.

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