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' 7203 CaNW (yellow)

11200 Wonder Bread

11202 Glass Hopper

11201 Hercules

11205 Western PfAclflc

11204 Pioneer

I n t he l ate 1940's t he r ailroads b egan t heir f irst tentative s teps t owards t he d evelopment o f t he c overed h opper car. Initially, t hey o rdered o nly a s mall q uantity o f t his t ype o f car for ' experimental' u se. By t he e arly 1960's the n umbers o f t his c ategory o f c ar r apidly e xpanded, r eplacing a ll o ther c ar t ypes t hat h ad b een u sed f or g ranular l oads t hat r equired p rotection f rom t he e lements. A merican C ar a nd F oundry d eveloped t he C enter-Flow c overed h opper t o m eet t he i ncreasing d emands o f t his r apidly e xpanding b usiness. W ith i ts s mooth, a lmost s treamlined c ontours t he C enter-Flow h as b ecome a n i con o n t he r ails. T his N ewest READY-TO-ROLL release is c ertain t o b e a ' must' f or a ny m odeler w ho w ishes to c apture t he p rototype i n t he m odern era.
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