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SSW GP40-2 7651 has had several modifications to its lighting since being built in 1979. Ditchlights have been added, but the red warning light in the nose has been removed and a plug put in. The class lights have been blanked out, and the upper light set above the windshield has also been removed. Wichita, KS; September 2, 2001. Decals: 87-11.
John Benson photo, George Melvin collection

7618 and 7650, retired in 1987 as the result of heavy wreck damage. Thirty more GP60s arrived in 1989, but the road wasnt done with the GP40 model. A decade after the last built-new GP402s arrived, a rebuild program began with Morrison-Knudsen taking unrebuilt GP35s i n trade and supplying GP40s rebuilt to Dash 2 standards. Between November 1990 and March 1991, 28 units were turned out. Units 7274-7293 were assigned to Cotton Belt with units 7294-7299 and 7100-7101 assigned to the SP. These units used were from several roads, with the majority with CSXT and MKT origins. The 7100 series continued with units 7102-7138 added later for a total of 45 units from M-K. Starting with unit 7107, the units came with the Rio Grande-style Southern Pacific speed lettering on the long hood. O n July 3, 1996, the Union Pacific received approval from the Surface Transportation Board to acquire the Southern Pacific. This ended the proud history of the mighty Southern Pacific, but many of the GP40 types continued on with the new owners, being renumbered into 5200 and 5300 series on the UP, but we will save that story for the Union Pacific chapter of our series. Next month we will continue with the GP40s of the Chicago & North Western. SP GP40-2s 7954 and 7942 work with s lug 1604 on the west local out of Tucson, AZ, in March 1985. They are s witching at Casa Grande. Operat ing in the service they were built for in May 1980, this class of unit, with slugs and rebuilt GP35Es, handled all the local work out of Tucson during that time. Note the assignment point of El Paso, TX, stenciled on the cab. Decals: Microscale 87-11.
George Melvin photo

SP GP40-2 7949 is from the group of 20 slug mothers numbered 7940-7959 built in May 1980. It has since received the speed lettering of the Rio Grande ownership era and had its extra lighting neatly removed. Both Rio Grande and SP GP40s were overhauled in the Rio Grandes Burnham Shops in Denver, CO, with the SP extras removed at that time. Latham, CA; May 28, 2000. Decals: Microscale 87-620. John Benson photo, George Melvin collection

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