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A few early bird passengers relax before boarding the morning eastbound milk run. In the background, the maintenance shop crew is busily changing a ten-wheelers boiler tubes. it thoroughly dried, I took dark and medium gray art pens and stroked over the white painted surfaces. The pens had wide felt tips, and were alcohol based. That magically turned the bricks to variegated dark reds, but left chunks of white clinker in random gaps between them, just the way you see it in real old brick buildings darkened by locomotive smoke and soot. Beneath everything is " beaver board, and beneath that is " plywood. The benchwork is a hodge-podge of 1" pine bracing that sits on four, width-wide 2x4s. Six, 2x4 legs support the layout except at the north end. An old couch that my dog, Cleo, likes to sleep on supports that end. Rube Goldberg would bust his buttons. You folks would die. The layout is blocked into three sections: the inner yard, outer yard and loop, and the Green Arrow Mine spur. Analog DC power f rom three Tech-3 transformers supplies t hem all. The turntable also has its own analog power supply. Because the layout is in my living room, there is no backdrop. T he blue sky in the pictures was only temporary while the photos for this article were taken. I will be moving soon and cant take Dog Tooth Mountain Railroad with me. In the very near future, its new home will be the Western America Railroad Museum in Barstow, California for all to see.

Layout size = 5 6 x 13

Grid = 6"

Photo Collage by the Author

Trackplan drawn exclusively for Model Railroading by Chris Lane

APRIL 2002


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