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Heres a good overhead view of the car washer at Santa Fes 21st Street f acility in Chicago. Note the small buildings auxiliary to the washer.
John Szwajkart photo

and electrical and water connections, and sometimes sewage connections.

Commuter Cars
Finally, commuter equipment (if the terminal was used by railroads providing this service) might be kept during the day between morning and evening departure in the coach yard for through equipment or a separate yard. There might be a separate y ard closer to the station because of the large number of otherwise time-consuming movements and short headways involved in a commuter operation. A storage yard at the end of commuter service territory would also be needed on your railroad for overnight storage. Next month well bring this series to a close with some specific ideas on how to d esign a layout for passenger operations depending on the era you model and the elements you want to incorporate. Below: Chicagos Grand Central Station (B&O and Pere Marquette) was a cluster of facilities. In left foreground is the B&O freight house with the Chicago Great Western freight house to left rear. At right is a low building and related tracks handling mail and express. John Szwajkart photo

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