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Past the curved trestle and under Half Way Mines tailing sawhorse, Dog Tooth Mountain Railroads only Heisler slowly backs down the dangerous four-percent grade with a fresh load of gold rich ore from Green Arrow Mine. nice little switchyard with 12 turnouts, a wye, a three-way turnout, a double crossover and two crossings. It has a complete engine service facility that includes a threestall engine house and engine repair shop (both Heljan, but modified to look American), a turntable, coaling tower, water tower, sand tower with drying house, machine and blacksmith shops, ash pit and its conveyer, and various other things such as the handcar storage house and the yards interlocking tower. The 5 x 13 layout sits square in the middle of my living room. The blue background was only for the photos to block out all the living room stuff that wouldnt make sense. Cleo wouldnt let me get rid of her couch Cleo is my dog so I simply turned it around and made it a part of the layouts benchwork.

APRIL 2002


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